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Trainings and Workshops


Lays the groundwork for discussing the benefits of becoming a welcoming congregation, not for lgbt members, but for the congregation as a whole. 

Intended for: congregations  


Starts from: openness to consider the harm exclusion does and the benefits of welcome


Length: 2 hours (90 minute presentation + 30 minute conversation)  


Provides basic information about the strengths of lgbt elders bring to a congregation/

community, as well as the historical and structural challenges they face. 

Intended for: congregations, pastors, elders and anyone who interacts with elders 


Starts from: caring about well-being of elders–does not assume any particular beliefs about lgbt people 


Length: 2 hours  

Intended for: students, faculty and staff of denominational colleges and unversities–can be adapted for other settings, such as secondary schools, youth groups, etc.


Starts from: desire to create lgbtq friendly spaces


Length: Two 75 minute modules and one 90 minute module (can be completed concurrently or successively)  




Introduces the skills needed to create spaces that are safer for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. 

Intended for: a group ready to begin deconstructing privilege–will be adapted for your specific context  


Starts from: basic understanding of the dynamics of privilege and oppression, either within framework of heterosexism/transphobia or another framework such as racism, sexism, etc.


Length: 1 Day (5 hours of working time + breaks) 


Explores oppression and privilege related to sexual orientation and gender identity, loooks at dynamics within your specific context 

and creates opportunities for creative collaboration and practicing how to act in solidarity with lgbtq people.

Welcoming Churches, Strong Churches

History Matters: Elder LGBT Challenges & Strengths

Building Solidarity: Undoing Heterosexism and Transphobia

Safe Zone Training



Provides basic information needed to create community and individual relationships of support and unconditional love for lgbtq youth

Intended for: adults who interact with youth, whether pastors or laypeople 


Starts from: desire to create lgbtq friendly spaces


Length: Two 90 minute modules (can be completed concurrently or successively) 




What does it mean to have a sexual orientation? Is that the same as having a gender identity? 

Sex & Gender 101

If not, how are they related? What do the letters lgbtq stand for anyhow? And what happens when someone “comes out?” If you find yourself confused or overwhelmed by the current conversation related to human sexuality and gender identity, you are not alone. This session is designed to help unpack some of the complicated concepts and hopefully empower participants to have a more informed and respectful conversation.

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