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queering worship

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Within our growing community, we share queer-centred sermons and worship resources to celebrate queer spiritually and deepen relationships across communities.

The Silencing of Bathsheba: Listening to Voices in the Gaps

Ry Sigglekow gives us a powerful sermon on Bathsheba, linking it to current realities of sexualized violence.  

Q Thomas; Cue Thomas

Erica Lea-Simka reflects on queerness in relation to the biblical Thomas as he confronts societal expectations of him. 

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A Prayer for Pride

Regina Shands Stoltzfus brings us a Prayer for Pride.  

Fellowhip Enflehed

Ry Siggelkow reflects on Roxana Hernandez, a trans woman from Honduras who died in ICE custody in 2018. Ry offers a time of mourning and calls to action over the continued fight of life among trans women of colour.  

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More resources by bmc

Forebearance: A Vision for Divisive Times

Forbearance: A Vision for Divisive Times, written by Enten Eller, pastor at Ambler Church of the Brethren and Living Stream Church of the Brethren, about the origins and value of forbearance within the church. He centers the concept of forbearance in the Anabaptist value of “no force in religion” that characterized the believer’s church. If you would like a print version, contact BMC at

Fashioned in Love

In 2013, Central District Conference Ministerial Committee asked Megan Ramer to write a biblical and theological case for her inclusion of lgbt people within the life and ministry of the church. BMC is pleased to publish Megan’s statement for a wider readership. Its unwavering, full throated support of lgbtq inclusion is a refreshing offering of hope and vision.

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