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Trans 101: A Brief Guide

This guide includes basic terms and definitions, answers to common questions, Mennonite and Brethren narratives and more. 

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Welcome to online learning from the Brethren Mennonite Center for Queer Studies. Here you will find resources, including an encyclopedia of more than 150 terms related to gender and sexuality, a trans 101 resource, slide presentations of lectures given by BMC staff, and essays. If you have resources to contribute, contact the BMC office at

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Queer Students Abroad

This booklet includes stories by seven lgbtq students who studied abroad with Mennonite or Brethren colleges. This booklet is a resource for lgbtq students about to study abroad or are considering studying abroad. 

Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Terms

This encyclopedia includes  the histories and definitions of over 150 terms, symbols and phrases. This is available free of charge, but please consider making a suggested donation of $25 to support BMC.

To download part 2, click here. To download the notes, click here

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Trans 101

This powerpoint is an accompaniment to the Trans 101 resource booklet. This introduces basic concepts and sex, gender and sexuality as well discussion questions and group activities. 

Stonewall Lecture

Powerpoint by Kaleidoscope Coordinator (2015-17) Hayley Brooks, given at Goshen College in fall of 2016 and 2015. This interactive lecture explores the historical context of the Stonewall riots, construction of narratives surrounding Stonewall, intersectionality and implications for today's society. 

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