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Reconciling Minister

The Reconciling Minister is an effort coordinated by Inclusive Mennonite Pastors and the Brethren Mennonite Council for LGBT Interests. The Reconciling Minister connects LGBTQ candidates with opportunities for pastoral ministry in Mennonite congregations. 

Lloyd Miller

Lloyd is a longtime member of Southside Fellowship, an SCN congregation in Elkhart, Indiana. He brings decades of leadership experience serving at congregation, conference, and denominational levels. Identifying as an enneagram 1 (often named "The Reformer"), Lloyd is energized to use his gifts and skills when he observes injustice and marginalization. We are excited about the experience and enthusiasm he brings to this new project!

Reconciling Minister

Mennonite Church USA Reconciling Minister

The position of Reconciling Minister was established by Inclusive Mennonite Pastors Leadership Team in response to the denomination’s refusal to process Ministerial Leadership Information forms from people known to be in same sex relationships. Since the founding of this position, we are pleased to report that the MCUSA policy has changed and all MLI forms will be processed.

Currently, however, the forms of people known to be in a same sex relationship are held in a distinct category from other forms and are made available to conferences and congregations only by request. Because there are still barriers for LGBTQ pastors seeking ministerial placements, we have decided to maintain the position of Reconciling Minister.

The Reconciling Minister, Lloyd Miller, remains available to consult with queer ministerial candidates as well as conferences and congregations open to calling them. He is supported by the Inclusive Pastors Leadership Team, which is committed to staying informed of denominational policy and encouraging conferences and congregations to request complete lists of ministerial candidates from the denominational office.

If you would like to be in touch, please email

In Christian Service,
Inclusive Pastors Leadership Team

Joanne Gallardo
Theda Good
Joanna Harader

Randy Spaulding
Mark Rupp

What is the

Reconciling Minster?

Inclusive Mennonite Pastors welcomes Lloyd Miller as Reconciling Minister. This new volunteer position is designed to connect congregations searching for pastoral leadership with Mennonite pastoral candidates who identify as LGBTQ. Currently, queer ministerial candidates are barred from the official Mennonite Church USA ministerial application process. Increasing numbers of congregations are open to considering the most qualified pastoral candidates regardless of sexual identity or gender expression. The Reconciling Minster will help create a bridge for congregations and candidates to find one another. 

The Reconciling Minister will fill a void currently present within the denominational ministerial call system, until it no longer discriminates based on sexual orientation or gender expression. 

  What this does: 

  • Offer mentoring and pastoral support to LGBTQ ministerial candidates. 

  • Connect welcoming congregations with LGBTQ pastoral candidates. 

  • Enable LGBTQ candidates to present the same application and references as straight candidates who have access to the official Ministerial Leadership Information form. 

  • Build relationships within Mennonite Church USA to move us toward a just reception of all gifted and qualified pastoral candidates.

  What this doesn't do:

  • Implement an alternative credentialing system to Mennonite Church USA. 

  • Create a separate network of congregations opposite Evana. 

  • Force non-inclusive congregations to hire a pastor who is LGBTQ.

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