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Back Issues of Dialogue

Back issues of Dialogue may be available for a minimal fee. Contact the BMC office with requests.

May 1978

BMC organization Brethren/Mennonite church news

October 1978

Dialogue with Mennonite leaders; BMC speaks at Brethren Annual Conference

December 1979

BMC national meeting; Mennonite Assembly in Waterloo, Ontario; Mennonite Mutual Aid consultation

March 1980

Lesbian perspective; BMC testifies at White House Conference on Families; Brethren Human Sexuality Study

June 1980

Handicapped persons issues; BMC at White House; Brethren/General Conference church news

October 1980

General Conference Homosexuality Study; Laurelville human sexuality seminar; Brethren Annual Conference and Youth Study/Action Conference; Goshen College homosexuality forum; What it means to be Lesbian; Cuban immigrant placement

June 1981

A family looks at homosexuality; Brethren/Mennonite church news; BMC speaks to Roanoke Valley, Va. ministers conference

March 1982

BMC disinvited by EMC; Brethren Annual Conference and Mennonite Assembly

June 1982

AMBS seminarians study homosexuality; Brethren/Mennonite church news; BMC response to Mennonite-BCM anti-gay "Memo to Pastors"

December 1982


Spring 1983

Spring 1983:  Sexual ethics; Brethren/Mennonite/General Conference church news

Summer 1983

Sexual ethics; Brethren/Mennonite/General Conference church news

March 1984

General Conference/Mennonite Bethlehem, Pa. Assembly and Brethren Baltimore, Md. Annual Conference

June 1984

Mixed-Orientation marriages; BMC and church news December 1984-- Biblical interpretation on slavery and homosexuality; Brethren Annual Conference; Parents retreat; McPherson College class; Mennonite World Conference BMC meeting

May 1985

 Two ministers' views working with lesbians/gays; Pontius' Puddle cartoon; Brethren/Mennonite church news; BMC news

December 1985

A congregation discusses homosexuality; Mennonite/Brethren church news

July 1986

Women and lesbian perspective

October 1986

Brethren and General Conference conferences; First BMC international convention announced

July 1987

Gay gifts speech by Virginia Mollenkott; Reports from BMC's first international convention in Chicago; BMC Women meet in Goshen, IN

December 1987

BMC joins March on Washington; Milestones of lesbian/gay movement

May 1989

AIDS; Report on BMC's second International Convention in Toronto and Convention statements

July 1989

Integrating faith and sexuality

January 1990

Assessment of BMC and churches; Pastoral care for families of Lesbians and Gays; General Conference/Mennonite Normal, IL Assembly; Brethren Annual Conference; BMC Women's Community retreat

April 1990

Ex-Gay movement; events in churches

July 1990

Women and Mentors; Parents retreat; HIV+/AIDS Network

Nov 1990

Same-Sex relationships; legal issues

March 1991

BMC history; Current structure, future; BMC resources; BMC third International Convention reflections

August 1991

Tearing Down the "Isms:" sexism, heterosexism, racism, classism and oppression; AIDS hotline; Parents/Families retreat

December 1991

Families Loving Their Gay/Lesbian Children or Parents

June 1992

Biblical Interpretation and Homosexuality

October 1992

Congregations and Homosexuality

December 1992

Breaking Down the Dividing Wall of Hostility (how church leader's views have changed)

June 1993

Coming Out to the Congregation

Spring 1994

Civil Rights

Fall 1994

Commitment Ceremonies

Winter 1995

Betrayed by Brothers and Sisters: The Violence Among Us

Summer 1995

Perspectives on HIV/AIDS

Fall 1995

Vol 17, #3 Bisexuality: Challenging the Labels

Summer 1996

Vol 18, #1 BMC Celebrates 20 Years: A History 

Winter 1997

Vol 19, #1 Supportive Congregations Network

Summer 1997

Vol 19, #2 Silencing in the Church 

Autumn 1997

 Vol 19, #3 Transforming Power Unleashed 

Spring 1998

 Vol 20, #1 Heterosexism and Sexism 

Summer 1998

Vol 20, #2 Breaking Down the Dividing Wall; Living in the Church 

Summer 1999

Vol 21, #2 Ordination Issues: The Unrelenting Push of the Spirit

Fall 1999

Vol 21, #3 Growth and Grief at Goshen College; The College Network

Spring 2000

Vol 22, #1 Marking Change in a Flowing Stream; Watershed issues in the church & BMC

Summer 2000

Vol 22, #2 Challenging the Church to Compassion; GLBT Families

Fall 2000

Vol 22, #3 Welcome Our Witness 2000; MC Canada reporting; growing edges for BMC

Winter 2001

Vol. 23 #1 Transgender Issues and Experiences

Spring 2002

 Vol 24, #1 Stories of GLBT Allies

Fall 2002

Vol 25, #2 Sexual Ethics:  Good Words Offered About Good Sex

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