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SCN Cloud of Witnesses

These groups/congregations are no longer actively meeting. As members of SCN they are now part of our cloud of witnesses. 

Ames Mennonite Church 

Ames, IA

November 1994

Columbia Mennonite Fellowship

Columbia, MO

September 2014

Columbia United Chri
stian Church

Columbia, MD

May 2002

Goshen Area Connecting Families

Goshen, IN

June 2005

Lacey Community Church

Lacey, WA

September 2014

Mennonite House Church in St. John's

St. John's, NL 

March 2005

Open Table Cooperative
Olympia, WA

February 2013

Richmond Church of the Brethren

Richmond, IN

December 2011

Voices For An Open Spirit

Elgin, IL

May 2004

Welcoming Dialogue Group

Lititz, PA

August 2004

3rd Way Collective at Penn State

State College, PA

October 2015

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