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COVID Comforts: Monica McFadden


Nepantla: An Anthology for Queer Poets of Color - A poetry collection I always come back to. Contemporary poets are featured alongside queer poets of color from history. Raw, beautiful, and funny—and a great introduction to a variety of queer poets.

The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman (audiobook) - This is the second book in the His Dark Materials trilogy, and the audiobook is performed by the author and a full cast. I first listened to it when I was young and we were on a road trip, and it’s one of my all-time favorites.


Portrait of a Lady on Fire - If you take anything away from this, it should be to watch this movie. We saw it in theaters when it first released, but now it’s available on Hulu. One of the most stunning movies I’ve ever seen, both visually and emotionally. Director Celine Sciamma is a true icon, creating films that tell intimate stories about gender and sexuality, and this may be her best yet.

Avatar: The Last Airbender (coming to Netflix on May 15) - If you’ve never seen this animated Nickelodeon show, now is the perfect time. It’s geared toward kids, so it’s funny and lighthearted, but also has startling depth and heart. This series also does a better job than most adult shows of taking inspiration from different cultures while still respecting their origins. I just showed the whole series to my girlfriend and it holds up!


Kadhi (Turmeric Yogurt Soup) - We’ve been obsessed with Bon Appetit lately and have made this kadhi recipe three times during quarantine already. It’s the best comfort food with wonderfully well-developed flavors due to the use of whole spices.

Lemon-Thyme Shortbread Cookies - Just as good as they sound. And they’re small, so you can eat a whole batch without feeling guilty.

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