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Mike simpson

Mike Simpson is a singer/songerwriter who lives in Harrisonburg, VA.  Since retiring as a counselor from a local school division in 2011, Mike has focused on his music and family. 


In 2013, he completed Generations, a collection of songs he had written over a 30-year period about his family.  In 2014, he co-produced a second CD, I Do Believe, which he worked on with his musical partner, Becky Glick. This CD contains songs of faith and hope.   

Featured Project

Laughter & Tears is a collection of songs written by Mike. These songs are about human relationships. As the name implies, they tell stories of how we relate to one another. Some tell of loving, trusting relationships - some of betrayal and rejection. What Would Jesus Teach?, shown here, is about how the Church relates to LGBTQ persons. This CD will be available for purchase later this year. 

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What Would Jesus Teach? - Mike Simpson
Johnny - Mike Simpson
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