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Your Life Matters: COVID-19 Resources

Updated: May 17, 2020

One thing we know is that this pandemic disproportionately impacts communities who are generally more vulnerable: older people, communities of color, indigenous peoples, those with preexisting health conditions, and lgbtq people. Here are some lgbtq specific resources to help navigate these challenging times.


HRC has the distinction of being the largest lgbtq advocacy group in the United States. Their website is filled with quality educational materials for people of all ages, including people of faith, youth, and communities of color. Written resources and online webinars related to COVID-19 and the lgbtq community may be found here.

GLAD is committed to creating a discrimination free society for lgbtq people through litigation, education and public policy advocacy. Access their COVID-19 resources here.

The organization that organizes Vancouver Pride offers a great resource that includes a lot of basic needs information for the Vancouver area, but also includes helpful mental health articles, Facebook groups, national resources, etc. Find their resource guide here.

An international lgbtq advocacy organization that provides a global perspective. Visit their website here.



For over 40 years, SAGE has been a premier national advocacy and services organization for lgbtq elders. Their website contains important life documents and other resources. Their program SAGE Connects, reaches out to isolated lgbtq elders and matches them with volunteers.

Visit the SAGE website here.

Find SAGE Connects here or call 929-484-4160.

Find HRC's Supporting and Caring for our LGBTQ Elders During COVID-19 here

YouTube Video

Hosted by SAGE, Human Rights Campaign and Lambda Legal

LGBTQ Older Adults and COVID-19: Tools, Supports and Solutions for Navigating the Pandemic, available here



A 24-hour confidential suicide hotline for lgbtq youth, as well as excellent mental health resources for lgbtq youth.

Visit their website here.

Hotline number: 1-866-488-7386

A free texting service that send daily gender-affirming messages to trans and non-binary youth in COVD-19 lockdown. Sign up here.

Resources and information for Canadian youth, especially those experiencing homelessness during this pandemic.

Visit their website here.




Founded in 2003 by transgender activists, NCTE works for policy change to advance transgender equality.

Find their COVID-19 resources here.

Serving the US and Canada, this trans-led hotline offers support and resources to enable transgender people to thrive.

Phone: 877-565-8860

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