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BMC at MCUSA Convention 2017

July 4 – 8, 2017

SCN/Inclusive Pastors Gathering and Seminar

Tuesday, July 4 @ 1:30-4:30 pm

Location:  Pink Menno Room, W209C

If you are part of an SCN congregation, an inclusive pastor, or someone who would like to learn more about how you can make your church more lgbtq affirming, you are invited to participate in this time of friendly gathering and conversation. Carol Wise will lead a brief training on History Matters: Elder LGBTQ Strengths and Challenges, Inclusive Pastors will report on what is happening in their congregations, and Cindy Lapp will lead a conversation about the State of our Movement and what is needed in this particular time.

Love is Love is Love: A Service of Inclusive Worship

Wednesday, July 5 @ 2:30-3:45, Location: Room F4

This will be a special time to remember the shootings at the Pulse nightclub that took the lives of 49 mostly Latinx lgbtq people. It will also be a time to celebrate the gifts that lgbtq people offer to the church and to find strength and courage as we create sacred space together.


Inclusive Pastors Share about Congregational Discernment

Wednesday, July 5 @ 9:00 am, Room 240B

Megan Ramer will lead a discussion with SCN pastors about what worked and what did not, and insights gained as they moved towards becoming welcoming congregations.

Called to Serve: Voices of LGBTQ Pastors

Thursday, July 6 @ 8:15 am, Room 240A

Theda Good, Mark Rupp and Michelle Burkholder will reflect on their experiences as lgbtq pastors.

Always My Child: Parents with LGBTQ Children

Thursday, July 6 @ 3:00 pm, Room 231A

When a child or family member comes out, it can impact the whole family. Parents will share about the effect of coming out had their own understandings about faith, sexuality and family.

BMC Booth

Location:  Exhibit Hall

We’ll be there again! This marks our second convention with a booth. Please stop by the exhibit hall for a visit and see our new resources, talk with friendly folks and learn more about BMC.

Pink Menno

Wednesday 7/5:

10:00 Queerness & Spiritual Journey part 1, Pink Menno Room (W209C)

Reflect on the experiences of queer people and their spiritual journeys, and share some of your own.

11:45 Hymn sing outside adult worship, Valencia

4:30 Planning & support conversation for pink future church summit participants, Pink Menno Room

This event is limited to delegates and future church summit participants who are member or allies of Pink Menno, BMC and Inclusive Pastors.

7:00 Hymn sing before youth worship service, outside W320 Chapin Theater

Thursday 7/6:

9:00 Hymn sing: before adult worship, outside Valencia

10:00 Queerness & Spiritual Journey part 2, Pink Menno Room W209C

How does our journey with queerness shape us in the ways that we can offer back to our church & communities?

11:15 Trans 101, Pink Menno Room W209C

Based on the booklet she recently created for BMC, Hayley Brooks provides an introduction to trans identities and experiences.

12 pm - lunch meeting for facilitators and organizers for Youth Summit

1:00-4:00 Pink Youth Summit, Pink Menno Room

How do you want to shape the conversation about LGBTQIA concerns? Pink Menno is hosting a summit for LGBTQIA youth and allies. More details on Facebook here.

5:00  Hymn sing: before Future Church Summit, outside Valencia 

Friday 7/7:

10:30  Hymn sing: after Future Church Summit, outside Valencia

5:30  Hymn sing: after Future Church Summit, outside Valencia    

Saturday 7/8

11:00  Hymn sing: after Future Church Summit, outside Valencia

Download the word document of Pink Menno schedule here.

Conference Chaplains

Mark Rupp, pastor at Columbus Mennonite Church, is coordinating our conference chaplains this year. Additional contact information will be available in the Pink Menno room and at the BMC booth.

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