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BMC Responds to Orlando

Today, BMC grieves with the Orlando lgbtq community, particularly the Latinx lgbtq community. We mourn a cultural context that gives rise to violent homophobia and transphobia. We lament the institutional policies, doctrines and practices that devalue and degrade lgbtq people. We grieve with a deep knowledge of the lgbtq community's worth, gifts and resilience.

We recommit to the work of justice knowing its gravity; understanding that we cannot get the lives that were lost in Orlando back, but determined to continue to uproot the hostility and bigotry that have caused our grief. BMC will continue to work in Mennonite and Brethren communities to end the homophobia and transphobia that is integral to our denominations' theologies and practices.

We hold tenderly our siblings in Orlando and announce our resolve to continue to speak the truth of our lives and together dream a new reality into being.

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