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Unmasking Christian Zionism for Queer, Palestinian & Jewish Liberation: Resources for Learning, Healing, and Action

We continue to hold so much heaviness, horror, and heartbreak alongside Jewish and Palestinian siblings in the ongoing violence of the October 7th attacks, genocide and famine in Gaza, decades of Israeli occupation, centuries of antisemitism. The devastation is incomprehensible. 

We bear witness to generational trauma. We bear witness to our country’s culpability and to our own moral injury. And, we bear witness to renewed momentum for collective liberation, the call for ceasefire and release of hostages, for an end to war  — efforts like Mennonite Action, Christians for a Free Palestine, Jewish Voice for Peace, U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights. If you are not plugged into a community that is engaged in this struggle, please get connected! We need you.

I know many of us — especially religious leaders — feel stuck. Polarized. Perhaps shameful. Overwhelmed by this crisis among many. I feel these things too. And yet, I hope we can lean into brave and imperfect learning and action together. 

How, in this devastating moment, can we embody the truth that Queer and Trans liberation is a Jewish liberation, a Palestinian liberation — that our liberation is intertwined? What is our role, as BMC, as lgbtqia+ and allied Anabaptists? 

One place of deep learning for me at has been unpacking the grip of Christian Zionism in this current and historic struggle. For reference, Christians United for Israel has 10 million members, almost double the number of Jews in the U.S.  As I explore the roots of Zionism in my own origin tradition of Christianity, I’m able to unmask the (false) binary that pits Jewish and Palestinian people against one another, revealing the U.S./Western interests that benefit when this happens. I’m able to better identify the oppressive roots of antisemitism, anti-Arab hate, and white Christian nationalism. I’m able to see how the roots of Christian Zionism are deeply entangled with the theologies, ideologies and political agendas that undergird the oppression of lgbtqia+ people (and BIPOC and Latinx folks). I remember that while Jewish people were the primary group oppressed in by the Nazi regime, it went after queer, gender-nonconforming, and disabled people scapegoated by society, too.  

 I’ve become more clear-eyed about not only my role and responsibility in this crisis, but also my own liberation. Below are some of the resources that have helped me in recent months — I hope this small collection helps deepen learning and action for you and your community.  I hope that even at the junctures where we disagree, we can become unstuck, moving toward collective liberation. May freedom and safety be so — may we make it so — for our lgbtqia+ kindred, for Palestinians in Gaza, for Jewish siblings, and for all who experience trauma in the name of religion. 

  • Resource Guide: Queer Solidarity with Palestine – Note: I haven’t digested this whole toolkit. It contains LOTS of helpful perspectives, links, articles, videos, essays, and historical context connecting lgbtqia+ and Palestinian struggles.

  • Donate: Help Haya Leave Gaza – a mutual aid fundraiser by On Earth Peace (a Brethren SCN member) to help OEP  Nonviolence Fellow Haya and her family flee Rafah.

What have you been reading, learning, and doing at these intersections of Queer & Trans, Palestinian, and Jewish Liberation? I’d love to know.

—Annabeth Roeschley, 3.13.2024

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