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Introduction to Local Groups

Do you consider yourself part of Brethren or Mennonite faith traditions in the US or Canada?


You are a “BMCer.” In fact, you are BMC.


Some BMCers have organized informal groups and networks to gather or communicate with other BMCers local to their area. Some local groups have periodic meetings for fellowship, potlucks, business or worship.


If there is currently no group listed for your area, the BMC office can provide names of local contacts. We’d also love to talk to you about how EASY it is to start a local BMC group!

MCUSA Kansas City Convention (July 2015) inclusive service. One of many ways to connect to other BMCers.


Iowa BMC has had no formal structure during the past few years. Although there have been attempts to establish periodic meeting times and social events, interest has not been sufficient to warrant such. However, there have been varied informal contacts of some BMCers in Iowa. These are largely via e-mail and/or infrequent face-to-face contacts at other events. To date, this seems to meet the need for local contact. However, the contact person listed is ready to organize meetings, either on a statewide basis or otherwise (for example, one in the Iowa City area and one in the Des Moines/Ames area) as interest is shown.

Around 10 years ago there had been a more regular schedule of Iowa BMC meetings, with mainly a social focus. One weekend retreat was held, as well. The local contact person is available for personal visits, phone, contact, or e-mail communication.


Keith Schrag

1211 N. 3rd Street

Ames, IA 50010



Indianapolis BMC has been in existence for about 10 years. It was started after Kris Kauffman and Marlin King bumped into one another at the Philadelphia convention and found out they were both living in Indianapolis. The group currently has about 15 homes on the mailing list, some homes now with children. We meet every 3 months - usually in someone's home but also at restaurants, ballgames, etc. We've been trying to get more creative in our activities and are planning a pool party in June. We are now listed in one of the local gay monthly's and it has generated a few contacts.


BMC Goshen will resume activities within this year with periodic potlucks. Contact Wilma Harder and Eric Kanagy for more information.



Contact BMC for more information at



Wilma Harder

Eric Kanagy


BMC Ontario is a lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender group of Mennonites who meet socially for potlucks and other fun activities approximately every 2 months in various homes throughout southern Ontario. New folks are always welcome. Please contact us at the address below.


Each year, BMC Ontario hosts a winter retreat on the 3rd weekend in February.


Parents of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Mennonites may wish to contact The Parent Support Group. It is an informal group of Mennonite parents who have lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender sons or daughters. The group started in 1987, when several parents felt a need to gather for support and encouragement. The group meets regularly on a bi-monthly basis in each other's homes or other suitable places.



San Francisco BMC meets on a regular basis, usually every other month, or upon request. The BMC group tends to have a fairly tight relationship with First Mennonite Church, although there are many BMCers who do not attend services. Various faith traditions are represented, including Christianity, Judaism, Faeries, and Native American Religions. The BMC group is open to "out and identified GLBT folks" and "SCN folks or other supportive individuals."Anyone who will be in the San Francisco bay area for holidays or is moving to the area is encouraged to contact Gary Barber

The Los Angeles group began with a potluck in 2006. People had such a good time and enjoyed each other’s company so much that they decided to meet 2-4 times a year. To connect with this relaxed and welcoming group contact Donald Shenk.


San Francisco

Gary Barber

726 Fillmore St. #3
San Francisco, CA  94117
(415) 606-3501
(925) 598-6015 (work)


Los Angeles

Donald Shenk


Shenandoah Valley

BMC Shenandoah Valley group is a mixed age group with college age people to adults. They meet together for sharing and support. BMC Valley is the e-mail list for BMC Shenandoah Valley. Contact the BMC Office for more information.


BMC Shenandoah Valley

Contact BMC for more information at


Oregon Brethren Mennonite Council is a group of supportive persons that meet approximately every two months fellowshipping around potluck meals and sharing our stories.  We have been meeting faithfully since 1996.  We host at different homes throughout the Willamette Valley.  It has a small faithful core group consisting of parents, former spouses, gays and friends of gays and lesbians that encourage and welcome visitors to come and share their stories and receive support.  We welcome any and all persons curious about our group.  Our e-mail address is  Please feel free to contact us and learn when our next meeting is to be held.


D.C. Metro Area

BMCers in the DC area have been having potlucks once a month since the 90's. They meet the third Sunday of the month at the host's home. Contact the BMC office for more information


BMC D.C. Metro

Contact BMC for more information at

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