BMC: The Kaleidoscope LGBT Continuum of Care: From Brethren and Mennonite Colleges and Universities


Survey Objective

The survey has one main objective, to gather data and use it for the improvement of the state of lgbt care, and the education of staff, faculty, and administration at Brethren and Mennonite schools.

Goals of Survey

  • To collect data on the state of the lgbt services on Brethren and Mennonite campuses
  • To provide prospective students with a tool for deciding which school to attend
  • To educate staff, faculty, administration, and allies on needs of lgbt students
  • To include lgbt and allied students in active changes to make their campus policies and actions more inclusive of lgbt students
  • To strengthen professional relationships between faculty, staff, administration, students, and the Kaleidoscope Program of the Brethren Mennonite Council (BMC)

Methods of Survey

  • objective, quantitative questioning of policies and procedures using prepared indicator questions
  • when available, subjective qualitative questioning of professionals
  • answers and views will be compiled to reveal an overall picture through the Lgbt Continuum of Care
  • points for action will be drawn out of answers and opinions from the survey, including ways in which to meet the main objective of the survey

Table of Contents

  1. A Message from the Kaleidoscope Coordinator
  2. Survey Methods: The Collection of Data from Faculty, Staff and Administration
  3. Quick Comparisons of Participating Institutions
  4. Individual Results from Participating Institutions
  5. Non-Participating Institutions
  6. Study Sources
  7. Quick Summary of all Institutions
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